Monday, May 31, 2010

Father Daughter Team Today.

Richard's smile tells it all.

Hannah with a 22" bow.

Nice rainbow.

Richard with a respectable Snake River Cutthroat.

Richard and Hannah put over 30 fish in the boat today. Beautiful day and the wind was calm for a change.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Fun day on Antero

Stefan with the first picture fish.
The up-side-down fish.
Longest fish of the day.
Lucas with a nice rainbow.
Lucas with the last fish of the day.
To day was all about having FUN. The wind blow us of at 12:30 pm today. It was a good day for Rainbows, Snake River Cutthroats, and two Kokanee.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another beautiful morning on Antero.

Chuck with his first fish of the morning--22 inch splake (brook trout/lake trout hybrid)
5 pound + snake river cutthroat.

Chuck with several 3 pounders.

Chuck holding a tightline on one of the many fish he caught today.
Chuck caught several snake river cutthroats today. He said that was a first for him. As usual, the wind blew us off at noon. But it was a very nice morning.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

R and D day on Antero (research & development)

Beautiful sunrise at Antero with a rod in my hand and the 'Fish Spotter' next to me.
Check out this beautiful cutthroat.
Go long and I'll throw him to you. This fishes belly is growing faster than his length.
Not pictured is my wife's biggest fish. As usual, the wind pulled the anchors about noon. The boat ramp was crowded but we got off safely. We tried some new flies today and they seemed to work. I'll let you know tomorrow when I go back for another trip.

Antero May 25, 2010

David and Chris on a father & son outing before Chris heads off to college.

David with his first Antero rainbow.

Chris smiling after catching several nice big rainbows.

Chris and David fished in the Salida area yesterday. Between the wind and the cold weather, it is a day they won't soon forget. The first 2 hours on Antero they fought ice in the guides. It finally warmed up and the fishing was spectacular!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Windiest Day I Have Ever Experienced at Antero

On Saturday we had wind speeds of over 30 mph most of the day. Above is the weather station not far from Antero Reservoir. Check out the red wind line. Needless to say, we didn't put the boat in the water. By 5pm we had had it!!!! Drove home.

Run-off Started Today--May 21st

Norm caught this brown on a muddler minnow.

Mike caught the rainbow on a yellow stone fly and he caught the brown on a G.W. special.

Run-off started today. As we moved downstream, the water clarity decreased. 90% of the fish were caught on the G.W. special, 9% on the stonefly, and 1% on the minnow. Norm put on a tan bunny leach pattern and one of the biggest browns came after it. Norm either won the dinner bet by 2 inches or he lost by 2 inches. The final score was not determined by the end of the trip.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Another beautiful day on Antero.

I caught this rainbow on the second cast with a green leech.
Darlene with a 21 inch cutbow.
Another nice rainbow caught with a scud.
I had settle for an 18 inch rainbow.
This was a weird weather day. Cold and windy in the morning, and clear, sunny day in the early afternoon. Of course, the wind came up later in the afternoon. There was a major midge hatch so the fish and the swallows got their bellies full. The 'Fish Spotter' has to go back to work tomorrow on the Arkansas.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

First Trip to Antero Reservoir.

The 'Fish Spotter' needed a break after fishing at Antero for 3 days.
The fish are healthy.
Snake River Cutthroat.
This fish seems as wide as it is long.
This male has a big hook jaw.
The 'Fish Spotter' will not be posting daily for awhile. The computer connection at Antero is "zip." We fished Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday morning. We struggled on Sunday. It was a rarity that the wind did not blow us off. Monday we went out early and got even with the fish. 60+day. We caught the fish on every fly in the fly box, but nothing seemed to work over and over. A few bug were hatching today. Hopefully this is the beginning of midge hatches.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Nice Day on the Arkansas River

Brown taken on a hot wire prince.
This brown took the micro-mayfly
Darlene with the biggest brown of the day.
Check out the beautiful spots on this brown.
Got up this morning and the sky was clear and there was NO wind. Darlene said she would row and I could fish. Who could turn down that kind of offer? So we floated from 166 bridge to Salida East. Used a hopper, hot wire prince, and a micro-mayfly all morning. Boated over 40 fish!! It was nice to have a rod in my hand instead of oar handles. Thank you wife!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Very Strong Head Winds!!!

Debbie and Ray tell the story--cold morning and stayed cold all day. These were the strongest head winds that I have ever experienced as a guide.
Ray did manage to catch fish on a hopper/dropper rig. This rainbow took a golden stone.
Check out the beautiful spots on this brown.
When Ray could cast a dry fly, the fish did hit a black foam caddis.
There was a very large BWO hatch today, but there was no way they were staying on the water.
We also saw a large hatch of crane flies below Salida East. I hope I don't have to experience a wind storm like this any time soon.

Monday, May 10, 2010

NO More WIND!!!!!

John with the BEER fish.
Vance with a nice brown. A Black Body Caddis fooled this fish.
Vance had another picture fish that we let go.

John with some of the fish he caught today.

The WIND was the four letter word of the day. Down stream wind made it hard to fish.
The bugs had no chance of staying on the water so the fish could eat them.