Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Short Wade Trip On A Beautiful Fall Day

A brown displaying his fall colors.
The 2-bit hooker was the nymph of the day.

The Fish Spotter is going to be off the grid for 2 weeks.
Please come back then and see what new adventures she has.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Beautiful Fall Day On the River

The Arkansas is gin clear and is running at 386 cfs
Darlene and I floated from the 166 Bridge to Salida East.
50 feet from the put-in, this rainbow hit the yellow PMX.
My wife says that I need to take smiling lessons from Chris.
This rainbow took the red 2-bit hooker.
This rainbow also took the PMX.
Some of the browns had their spawning colors.
This was the last fish of the day. I boated over 30 fish and missed 20.
Made for a fantastic day on the river since Darlene forgot her
fishing license. She had to row all day!!!!
I did buy her lunch at the Boathouse.